Landmark Place Rules

Please ensure that you, your visitors and your tenants abide by the following rules.

If you need to discuss these matters further please contact your Property Manager Sarah Magor on 02920 290 376 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Written permission is required from the management company for any pets to be kept on site, in accordance with the terms of the lease.


The letting of properties on the development is allowed. However, written permission is required from the Management Company. The consent to let fee as determined in the lease is a minimum of £20 + VAT plus an administration charge, total of £50.00 + VAT.

Short-term/Holiday lets are not allowed under the terms of the lease. To-Let signs are also prohibited. Please provide Warwick Estates with full contact details for yourself, your agents and your tenants.

Please ensure the tenants are made aware of the lease terms and any other development rules the Management Company has passed.

Fob Access to the Car Park

If you do not have a fob for entry, the concierge are unable to permit access


Each owner with a car parking space will have an individual lease relating to that particular space. Therefore the management company do not have the authority to impose sanctions in respect to parking.

However, we are able to assist where possible in contacting residents who are not parking in their allocated bay.

ONLY parking of a private motor vehicle is permitted, no parking of trailers, caravans or boats. Vehicle maintenance in the car park is strictly prohibited.

Contact Information

It is important that you report any changes in your personal contact details to Warwick Estates. This information is important particularly when dealing with emergencies such as water leaks or fires.

This information is also important if you are a landlord not living on site or are planning to sell your property.

Unreasonable Noise

Please be aware that loud music, running and jumping are transmitted quite easily through the flooring and walls in the apartments at Landmark Place.

Please be considerate towards your neighbours, especially between the hours of 11.00pm and 8am when no music or instrument should be played.

No Smoking

It is a criminal offence to smoke in any internal communal area of the development. This includes the bin and bike areas.

If you do smoke, please make sure that you smoke in external areas designated for smokers and dispose of your cigarette in the cigarette bin.


These must not be kept in the bicycle rail areas both for safety reasons and to allow adequate space for the bicycles themselves.

Motorbikes are only permitted to be parked in the car park in their designated space.


NO alterations are permitted without written consent from the management company.


You are responsible for cleaning the inside of your windows once every 4 weeks.

NO window boxes or advertising boards to be put in place.

Communal Areas

DO NOT obstruct communal areas.

NO storage of any personal belongings in the car park or communal hallways.


DO NOT throw rubbish from your windows.

DO NOT put rubbish down sinks, basins or lavatories.

Landmark Place Site Contact Information

Address: Landmark Place
Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HR

Concierge Desk: Monday-Sunday
5.30am – 10.30pm - Day Concierge
10.00pm – 6.00am - Security staff

T: Concierge Desk 02920 383546

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